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Re: Monitor brightness

>the latest round of monitors we purchased were BVM-1911's
>. These turned out to be very good. I can now match (using  the Phillips
>probe), 525, 625, D1, and composit, color temp., black level, white level,
>color, phase (525 ntsc), store them in memory 0-3. I'm now using 1911's in my
>three color correct rooms, my three D1 edit rooms, and Flame/inferno room.
>Dave Best (post
>perfect n.y.)

I suppose you find that using the presets on the Sony 19xx series of
monitors are both accurate and repeatable. It has been my experience, at
least with the 1910's, that recalled values varied with each recall action
(likewise with the Sony probe). Not by huge amounts, but certainly enough
to warrant using a real probe (currently Phillips, prior Minolta). Has
anyone else found this to be true?

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