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-- [ From: David Keleshian * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

 I have used many sync methods (and learned most of them at Foto-Kem)
but syncing dailies is definitely very labor intensive. Also most
logging devices need you to log in telecine in order to get those TC
numbers on the list.
 And dont let anyone fool you all syncing methods give up something in
order to gain elsewhere 
 AATON:  a very neat device. one box reads K-Kode, AATON code and Arri
code, syncs
	logs and spits out a database disk in 3 formats (AATON, FLEX, KEYLOG)
	downfalls include when film has edge fog or camera is not jammed with
the 	Nagra or AATON code is not used the keyboard is separate from the
edit 	controller so you have clutter on the desktop. Great for
tailslates Oh yes lest I 
TLC:	Ok nothing very bad about it kind of clunky, lots of keystrokes
for tailslates
	but there are plenty of easy to program macro keys. Very compatible
	rooms (say if one colorist starts a job and another finishes) I'm
fastest on tlc
 	over any other edit controller
POGLE:	Ahh the Pogle edit controller Even more clunky than TLC the
macros are harder 	to program, Not as virsitile (you cant program
machine choices) does not log
	a database, and has a hard time with "A" frame edits adiquite for
mastering 	guys a slug for dailes
 I miss AATON I wish I had one but TLC does the job and is cheeper 
David Keleshian
CFI video

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