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Re: Monitors/Setting up

                      Subject:                              Time:  8:46 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         RE>Monitors/Setting up                Date:  9/21/95

We have 13 Panasonic AT-H1905D's digital Monitors in service here at Manhattan
Transfer.  The auto set up WORKS consistently from room to room.  We used to
check the auto accuracy from time to time with a Phillips probe when we first
got them but no longer since the readings were always right on.  In fact we
found the Panasonic Probe was much more accurate and consistent than our old
Minolta CRT analyser.  The drifting values we got with our Minolta were just
that, a drifting Minolta.  The Panasonic was right on every time. We now use
our Minolta to only check over all Footlambert levels not to set grey scale
tracking.    Some of the monitor's buttons and knobs are difficult to see in a
darkened environment but then what monitor isn't.  The stability, superior
comb filter, ease of set up, and an Auto Set Up probe that actually works all
were factors in our choice on these.  We do not use the Sony Auto Set Up probe
on our 19xx monitors due to unreliable and variable results.  We find the
Sony's have to be checked much more frequently than the Panasonics and the
user preset pots are rough and difficult to tweek.  The user tweeks of the
Panasonics are all either shaft encoders used to increment digital values or
pots that are then digitized and set into digital memory.  This helps to
account for the stability.
Dave Corbitt/MTE

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