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Big Dirt Problems

Got my first piece of film from the labs here yesterday... Interesting!  Poor
winding and very dirty.  Either the Labs cleaner needs an overhauI or it never
went near it!

I am told of a vacuum cleaning system to put on the Rank called a VFC 6000?  The
last vacuum cleaner I saw was at dubs and was not used.  Anyone got any
opinions, how's stability affected?  I am going for the PTR's, but thought of
putting 2 sets on, the newer URSA design, but also the type that sit where the
old 4:2:2 label went and using the sticky versions for rewind.

We are in theory getting the "Absolut & Cranberry" 900 to back it all up.....

Oh! and nearly forgot, also have the MNR 11 with scratch, dirt, and picture

Can one go too far????

Ken Robinson
approx 2000 miles S of the Mason/Dixon line

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