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Re: HELP! Monitors/Lights/

Replying to David Corbitt;

>Where can these Plasma displays be seen?<
One was on show at the recent IFA show in Berlin (Germany:)) and second hand
rumours say that it was also shown at NAB. Equally good reports from different
individuals, apparently a breakthrough in this technology with mass production
within a few years. HD sized screens initially same price as todays CRT's but
anticipated to quickly fall to half of the current level. That is what I heard.
Don't you just hate to learn that one has missed some of the goodies of a show?

>Sure Mikael,  but lighting in telecine suites is usually subdued anyway.<
I'll take a closer look next time David (grin, :).

>D65 was chosen as the exact center of the triangle formed by the original NTSC
RGB CIE chromaticity coordinates....<
This worries me as my books/papers (of English origin) not only claim this
daylight reference but also shows a spectral plot of it. Are we heading for a
"no, it was invented/discovered in Europe, not in the US" argument? Is it
possible that the original NTSC coordinates actually stem from the same

What I recall on the definition of colour temperature is the radiated dominant
wavelength of a, to the temperature in question, "heated Planckian body"
generating a spectral footprint much resembling a gaussian curve. By this token
both our claims would, even if correct, indicate a misuse of the definition of a
colour temperature. Due to parting of the spectral footprint.  What shall it be?

>Joe Kane's recommendation is we should adopt this also
since that is the color temperature of projected film in movie theaters.  It
would also lend itself to a more realistic center point for the most commonly
used modern phosphors and would have the net result of making the image on the
Video Screen closer to actual normal daylight.<

This is not a bad idea at all. How about trying to get the industry (on a global
basis) to begin adhering to a jointly set reference, like the one you suggested?
I met shortly with Joe Kane at NAB this year and his ideas are easy to agree to,
had not heard about the theory of correlating to cinema colour temps with those
of the telecine suite. Anyone have opposed opinions?

Mike Reichel 100316,1467 at compuserve.com

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