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New Film Cleaning Solvent

                      Subject:                              Time:  10:16 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         New Film Cleaning Solvent             Date:  9/21/95

Neil Feldman wrote--->

>......Iso-Butyl-Benzene - "Ibuprofen" (Motrin) for film cleaning.....
>This chemical appears to truly solve the film cleaning crisis that we all
>face by the end of this year.

I understand from Brett Sawyer at Lipsner-Smith that I-B-B has possibilities.
BUT, as per Mark Grenfell, it has a flashpoint of 140 degrees F and boils at
171 degrees C which makes it hazardous to use in the current immersion
cleaners with their heated Ultrasonic solvent tanks.  Lipsner is testing I-B-B
for use in the XCEL-900. It shows possibility of improving the performance of
the XCEL-900 greatly.  The 900 has very small fluid  reservoirs and a Nitrogen
flooded emergency fire extinguishing film compartment.  If it works we all may
have at least an interim solution until an appropriate new machine can be
designed around the characteristics of I-B-B or some other new solvent.  
Above data on Iso-Butyl-Benzene courtesy of Mark Grenfell at 3M quoting from
"Hawleys Condensed Chemical Dictionary, 12th Edition".

More stuff;
As per Brett Sawyer at Lipsner-Smith;

Iso-Butyl-Benzene is known generically as"2-METHYL-1-PHENYLPROPANE".
Boiling Point = 170 degrees C
Flash Point = 54 degrees C ( 131 F)
Spec. Grav. = 0.853
Freeze/Melt temp =  -51 C
Vapor Density = 4.2  (Meth. Chlor.= 4.54)

Iso-Butyl-Benzene is not yet presently available in the USA. There are health
related problems with it (Cautions about breathing the fumes, irritant to eyes
and skin, etc.).  Neil, are you sure this is the same thing as Ibuprofen?

Both Kodak and Lipsner-Smith have only recently started tests using it so
there are no definitive results yet on its effect on film dyes, etc.  Brett
tells me the guys from Lipsner-Smith are presently in Europe for the IBC
trying to find out as much as they can about this stuff and will have more
complete info available for general consumption after that time.  Hopefully by
then Brett will be logging on to our group and informing us of the latest on

Dave Corbitt at Manhattan Transfer, New York

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