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Re: Big Dirt Problems

On Sep 21, 12:36, KEN ROBINSON wrote:
} Subject: Big Dirt Problems

>When I worked at Action Video with Sam Holtz, we transferred mountains
>of 35mm negative that came from labs in Mexico.  It was the
>extraordinary roll of negative that was not very dirty; the clients
>seemed used to it, however.


Yeah, okay, but I kinda want to help things along a little....  It's a bit like
when I went to the Philippines and thought " Ha, no problem here, I should be
like the one eyed man in the Kingdom of the blind"  How wrong... Okay they
didn't have the vast quantity of technical back up that U.K./U.S. has, but oh
boy do they have artistic ability, frankly I was stunned at what could happen
with no budget.  And learning ability as well.  I get the same feeling here,
look at the architecture without anything else, my feeling is that it makes L.A.
look like a wasteland!!!!

So I guess what I want to do is help the simple things, while you guys sort out
Phosphurs, CRT's, etc.  I listen and absorb and implement what seems good, but
I'm just looking for some order without having the film path wrapped around 200
rollers.  I wonder if I took an armed patrol to the labs...........?

Ken Robinson

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