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Re: Big Dirt Problems

On Sep 21, 16:36, KEN ROBINSON wrote:
} Subject: Re: Big Dirt Problems

> On Sep 21, 12:36, KEN ROBINSON wrote:
> } Subject: Big Dirt Problems

> learning ability as well.  I get the same feeling here, look at the
> architecture without anything else, my feeling is that it makes L.A.
> look like a wasteland!!!!

wasteland?  here?  Here in Greater Disneyland waste isn't cool to talk
about right now.  ;-)
Oh well, guess I should have had a disclaimer in my post about dirt
and clients who are used to it, that I found the Mexican clients
extremely nice and easy to work with, unlike a lot of local
clients... and I spend all possible vacation time in Brasil, myself,
where things are considerably less than first-world.  


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