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Re: Joyball Orientation

At 3:03 AM 9/18/95, Stephen Byrne wrote:
>Joyball orientation - Rank/Vectorscope/?

........ given the seemingly asymmetrical orientation in Rank mode, which I
>is a throw back from some forgotten system - is there anyone out there old
>enough to remember the folklore behind this configuration?

Personally, I blame the BBC. Seem to remember that the TARIF joysticks were
in the same orientation. As a former Beeb-ite, I'm sure Steve remembers the
on-air color correction we had to do there...the joystix were arranged as :
left stick, master lift and differential gamma, and right stick, master and
diff gain. The green axis was vaguely in the forward direction, so if the
operator sneezed, the spasm would push the joystix forward momentarily, and
the picture went quite green!

P.S. TARIF? "telecine apparatus for the rectification of inferior film"...
yeah? try telling your client his film is inferior and needs "rectification",
you might just find your joystick inappropriately placed where the sun
don't shine!!
Happy days tho' - beer at 36p a pint at the BBC Club on the 4th floor at
dear old Television Centre. Sniff, sniff. Now I've gone all misty eyed...

Must've been the Iso-butyl benzene I just inhaled


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