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New Film Cleaning Solvent


I spoke with Mr. Bengt Orhall today in order to relay the webs reaction to his
He was pleasantly surprised to hear this. It is possible to get the SMPTE paper
in electronic form and Mr. Orhall would not mind putting it  for the Web's
disposal. If Mr. Lingelbach is reading this maybe he could suggestdirectly to me
how to best proceed.

Mr. Orhall informs that currently IBB is available from dutch oil company Shell.
It is used in the medical industry and it is a component in Ibuprofen.
Ibuprofen, I am told is a drug to aid in circulatory/inflamatory treatment. FYI
Swedish health law allows 10ppm perc. but as much as 100ppm of  IBB in the air.
Operators exposed to the perc.  fumes in film cleaning are obliged to carry
dosage meters and the results are logged and regularly monitored by the
Mike Reichel 100316,1467 at  compuserve.com

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