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Re: monitor walls

>I'm wondering the consensus is regarding backlighting of monitor walls.  Do you
>find it a help?  I've heard some colorists who really like it, and some who
>do not.

Put me in a middle camp.  I agree that a neutral room and neutral lighting
is best all around, but a few incandescent lamps in the suite shouldn't pose
too great a problem.  In the evening at least, most folks watching in their
living rooms have an incandescent light on or two.  Most of the facilities
I've graced used neutral room coloration and low level incandescent lights
with no reported problems.

However, when a client brings a sample of a product he wants me to match, I
make it a rule never to match it to incandescent light!  I have to go to a
convenient window in the nearby tech shop and use daylight!  So I do see a
nice advantage of neutral lighting in the suite.  'Tis a consummation
devoutly to be wished! 


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