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Re: monitor walls

Robert wrote:

>I'm wondering the consensus is regarding backlighting of monitor walls.  
> I agree that a neutral room and neutral lighting is best all around, but a
few incandescent lamps in the suite shouldn't pose too great a problem.

Robert et al:

>From my perspective, consider the following:

1. The backlighting of monitors walls is the way to go.   Constructing
illuminated surrounds is easier than what one thinks.  In Toronto I just
finished aligning 4 surrounds.  Program material shown in each suite looks
the same, no matter how long you look at it.   An illuminated surround [ at
1/10 monitor screen  brightness (< 5%) and close to D65 (+/- 200 K)]
prevents colour adaptation, reduces eye fatigue and increases "apparent"
picture contrast in the colour monitor.    

2. The placement of incandescent lights is a problem when the room is
operational...they are great for cosmetics!  During operation, all light
sources should be close to D65 (i.e. the picture monitor CCT), in this way
colour discrimination is not adversely affected.   How many have left the
suite and mentioned the picture has changed?  By changing light sources our
eyes require time to stabilize and adapt.  (Adaptation time depends on many
things...chemical changes in our eyes are not instantaneous). Visually
jumping between (dimmed!) tungsten and "daylight" is confusing for critical
colour judgements.  

Ideally all facilities should have a similar viewing environments so that
program material interchange is possible. 


Fred Benedikt

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