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Re: WWW page for blue screen, internet notes

On Sep 28, 15:40, Bob Kertesz wrote:

> R>http://www.seanet.com/Users/bradford/bluscrn.html

> About the only thing I would add would be the Registered Trademark "R"
> after each use of the word Ultimatte.

The above bluescreen page is now linked into the telecine
page... Steven, if you can add the trademarks I'll breathe easier.

internet notes:

I know not everyone on our mailing list has World Wide Web capability
yet, so I ask these folks to forgive me for going off-topic a little
here, but for those who spend some of their time cruising the 'web,
I'd like to mention a new approach to web browsing that is fairly
amazing in its flexibility and potential.  It's an extensible approach
that allows any application to be loaded and run, dynamically, from
the host to the client browser.  I'm running it on the Sparcstation
and it really "makes the internet come alive" as they say--
high-quality animation with synchronized audio, animated charts, and
interactive games are demonstrated.

I was going to append here an excerpt from the White Paper on HotJava,
but I'll refrain for fear of boring some people, and ask that those
who would like to hear more about this get in touch with me.
Incidentally, it's free, though not yet available for the Mac and
Windows (ports are underway).. current version is alpha release.

--Rob (who has no stake in the company [Sun Microsystems] that
developed Java and HotJava)

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