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BTS MNR-11 : does it make RGB legal ?

I have been so busy that I haven't been able to explore my MNR11 completely.....
Will go away and test for legality and let you know.

My only view point on this subject of clipping is as follows:  I did a side by
side test with a 4:4:4 clipper, in other words one that clip in  RGB against the
HP while I was in Japan.  The guys who had bought the HP were teary eyed when
they saw that some artifacts were being let through the system by the HP.  The
major difference in the boxes was that the RGB clip was a "set it a forget it"
unit and the HP had lots of knobs on it!!!!

I will try and confuse my MNR11 and let you know!

Ken Robinson,
(Slightly shaken after spending the weekend in a BMW doing 120 mph on side roads
in Mexico)

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