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B&W neg transfers

I'm about to start work as an camera assistant on a B&W Nissan commercial
and I have a question about B&W neg transfers.

The last time I shot B&W I had the film processed and telecined at Fotochem
(two years ago). The  Rank (Mark IV?) transfer had midtone breakup or
noise. This unfortunately was most noticeable in the facial close-ups. The
operator explained that B&W neg film was to dense and the increased gain
necessary was causing the noise. The noise reduction box he had did not get
rid of very much of the noise.
Is there away around this problem other than underexposing the neg? Or
could the underexposure be slight enough not to effect the shadow detail?
Would an Ursa Gold or Bosch transfer have less problems?

Thanks in advance!

Don Hayashi      dhayashi at netcom.com

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