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Re: B&W neg transfers

On Oct 3, 14:14, Don Hayashi wrote:
} Subject: B&W neg transfers

> I'm about to start work as an camera assistant on a B&W Nissan commercial
> and I have a question about B&W neg transfers.
> The last time I shot B&W I had the film processed and telecined at Fotochem
> (two years ago). The  Rank (Mark IV?) transfer had midtone breakup or
> noise. This unfortunately was most noticeable in the facial close-ups. The

Don, I usually recommend that clients shoot color film and let me
provide the B&W in xfer.  The reason I do that is I've had the
experience that B&W processing is less exact a science than color, and
I've had processing problems with it...  perhaps some of our
subscribers who work for or with processing labororatories will know
more.  There are, of course, differences in the look of B&W stock and
color stock made into B&W in transfer, but I feel are offset by the
greater latitude of the color stock (why is it that the color stock
has the latitude?)...


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