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Re: Where do you draw the Li

 Reply to:     RE>Where do you draw the Line?
Oh! Lovely, a moral dilemma!

We have refused to transfer (and even have asked clients to leave) 
on some occasions where we thought we were dabbling with something 
that could legally be considered obscene or just in such bad taste 
that we didn't want our labels on it. (we'd send 'em to ****o!)

Mostly we respect our individual operators' sensitivities, e.g., 
some artists refused to work on GI Joe (war figures) or cigarrette 
spots, but we were able to accomplish the work with other people 
and in some cases with freelancers.

There was a time when we refused work from certain diamond mine 
companies because of the South Africa problems.

On the other hand, things are tough all over, and there isn't a 
whole lot we turn down these days. Forunately, we haven't had 
any really difficult choices to make. -bt

Date: 10-03-95 18:52

I was wondering if any colorist or company actually refused to transfer 
film because of its nature. 

How about things like Fur or cigarret commercials?

Ken Robinson

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