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Re: B&W neg transfers

    I had some clients who insisted on using B&W neg because it looked more
"graphic".  Color neg switched to mono does indeed seem both quieter and
more dynamic, so perhaps that noisy contrasty look is part of the fun.
    Considering how extremely one must adjust the PECs and neg gains, it's
probably safe to say the Rank may contribute a little noise to the process.
Where'd that dadburn orange mask go?!!
    Another thing I've noticed is the panchromatic variations available to
you in B&W from color neg.  If you set up for color and then just switch the
encoder to mono, red response drops greatly; I can't read the smartslates!
But as you turn down the saturation on the Rank, the reds pop back in.  You
have incredible control over the mono image with respect to
panchromatic/orthochromatic response.  It's like having an amazing set of
filters!  Remember how an orange filter with B&W film produced incredible
skies with bright clouds by screening out the blues?  So many more looks are
     Neat topic!


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