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Keylog/Aaton databases

While xfr'ing feature/commercial-dailies and building a database for the 
editor, there are a couple of things giving me a hard time. I'd like to get 
opinions from some of you who are running dailies.

1. It seems to me that 
a lot of so called editors don't possess the ability to look on the tapes to 
see what was transferred - if a take is not in the database, it wasn't xfr'd. 
Since the AVID digitizes according to the database-file, only takes that are 
part of the database become visible to the editor on the avid. I recently had 
a client who even requested  to get the head- and tailpunches logged, like he 
couldn't shuttle the tape to verify them. What are your experiences in that 

2. "Cleaning" a database. There are some software add-ons that are 
suppose to clean a database. Adjusting in- and outpoints of events to get rid 
of tc-overlaps. How do they calculate the keycode back frame accurate? 
Because of the 3:2 pulldown, there doesn't seem to be a way to get the exact 
keynumber let's say 5 seconds prior to the outpoint. Any idea how the (think) 
they do that??

3. What do you prefer for logging dailies - evertz or 
aaton? While the aaton has a lot of advantages in syncing up 1/4", I like the 
evertz better because of it's database management. What's your opinion? 

Finally, after working with an evertz for quit a while, I wrote a little 
piece of software for IBM that I'd like to offer anyone for free how might be 
interested. It's written in Qbasic, which comes with DOS anyway. All it does 
is browsing through a directory of database-files and looking for:
overlaps, keycode mismatches (outpoint was in the next cr.) and several other 
things that can screw up a database. It's not by any means perfect, but it 
helped me and a lot of my fellow operators to straighten out their databases. 
If anyone is interested, send me e-mail to:  KayS at msn.com
Again, it's free 
for anyone who's interested.

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