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Re: B&W neg transfers

Don was asking what I meant with bad line up and PEC's...

My experience has shown that a MK 3 can be weighted towards either Print or Neg
transfers, there is a halfway house of course.  Where was this machine set?  I
have noted in the dim distant past that some operators didn't really understand
the relationship of the neg gain, PEC's and tube mA level.  Of course with the
remote panels having been designed I think this problem is a thing of the past.
Don, send your neg to Rob (!) for a quick look; I would be delighted to check it
out for you, fancy a trip to Mexico?

Re the grain issues:   I find things as follows...  
First I like my telecine to be as noise free as possible and in my opinion that
means lowering the noise at the head end, then going on and looking through the
rest of the electronics and removing excess cables, replacing where necessary.
NOW, we can look at grain!  VAC works better, less NR is needed, so less of the
associated artifacts. If I want to induce noise, then all I do is turn the tube
right down almost to zero and hey presto!  

Just quickly going back to the MNR 11 deal.....  I have the BTS man coming in on
Monday, and will GRILL regarding clips etc!

Ken Robinson

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