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Re: BTS MNR-11 : does it make RGB legal ?

>Can you chop the chroma at varying degrees?  I'm looking for a way to
>do that smoothly, to roll off the hotter chroma so to speak.

I am following this thread with interest, my own experiences being that
Kilovectors are actually the most controlable way to limit chroma. RGB limiting
on Da Vincis, is not bad but by its nature when a colour enters clip, it
bleaches, this can be avoided with Kilovectors. Of course they are not
automatically applied, but the choice may be aesthetic rather than technical. I
have yet to see a clip that is intelligent or sympathetic towards picture
content and so avoid them, at least in the chroma domain. I do use luminence
clipping (hard rather than soft). Do other colorists like to use clips, or is
it more usual to grade out discrepancies ?


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