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Re: Where do you draw the Line?

Rob Lingelbach sez:  "I had to work on a commercial for a product from a
company whose products I boycott."

A good friend of mine (whose name I'll omit) once asked me what he should do,
since his company ordered him to work on some X-rated sessions he felt
uncomfortable dealing with.  (They were only for PLAYBOY, so this wasn't
exactly bestiality or something.)  He finally told the bosses he objected to
doing the film transfer because of "religious and moral considerations," and I
would up doing a freelance gig, filling in for him.

About the only film transfers I've ever had to do where I nearly walked out of
the room were surgical procedures on eye operations, abortions, and (*yeesh*)
penile implants.  I wound up putting the film on a 12" B&W monitor and
color-correcting totally by scopes.  

But that was about 14 years ago.  I haven't had to do anything like that since,
thankfully.  As most people know, I'm a total telecine ho' and will just about
transfer anything, as long as the check doesn't bounce and the clients aren't
too abusive.

--Marc Wielage
  Complete Post / Hollywood

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