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Re: BTS MNR-11 : does it make RGB legal ?

> Do other colorists like to use clips, or is it more usual to grade out
>discrepancies ?

I know that I will probably catch hell for this opinion (I often do), but I
am in favor of putting chroma clips on the output of the chain. The reason
I feel this way has only something to do with esthetics. Of course I would
rather they not be needed, but some images (yellow credits and red LED's
come readily to mind) often cannot be color corrected to "legal limits".
The chroma+luminance levels are way too high and neither bringing down the
gain nor desaturating the chroma is effective when the results are not to
the clients liking. Windowing techniques are not always possible. What is
needed is upper sideband clipping, especially when a digital master is
Q.C.'d somewhere in composite and is rejected for excessive chroma
excursions. I just don't know of another alternative. Any opinions are
greatly appreciated (except those extolling that the purity of the signal
should never be compromised for "future" use).


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