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Re: BTS MNR-11 : does it ma

 Reply to:     RE>>BTS MNR-11 : does it make RGB
From: Julius Friede

>I know that I will probably catch hell for this opinion...

Well, that's a given :-)

>but I am in favor of putting chroma clips on the output of the chain. 
>... but some images (yellow credits and red LED's)... often cannot be 
>color corrected to "legal limits". The chroma+luminance levels are way 
>too high and neither bringing down the gain nor desaturating the chroma 
>is effective when the results are not to the clients liking. -Julius

I agree, that's why I usually have NTSC COMPOSITE monitoring AFTER the 
clippers, so that you can see what the picture can look like over the 
air and within Y+C specs that won't cause a rejection from a dub house 
or network. Even if we are going to D1, we usually do this so that a) 
the client gets a good feel for the final transmitted look and b) so 
that we don't have to worry about somebody else limiting the excursions 
when making the final release NTSC master. The only exceptions are when 
we have ABSOLUTE TOTAL control of the product and need the extra chroma 
for a production process, say a chroma key or when the client demands 
it over our advisement.

We usually use the Accom D-122 for this purpose, we are now starting to 
also use the HP QA-100, which of course handles it a bit differently. 


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