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RE: whats this program?

Sent: 	Thursday, October 05, 1995 
5:03 PM
To: 	Kay Sievert
Subject: 	whats this program?

-- [ From: David 
Keleshian * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

      >What version of software do you 
have for the Aaton? because I                             >remember the Last 
one I worked with had Data management                     >capabilities. 

We are currently running Keylink V5.20

 >I'm not sure what you mean by 
"clean up" program maybe you can  >explain further it sounds interesting

The program I wrote checks for:
- outpoint prior to the inpoint in the same 
event? (tcop manually adjusted    the outpoint and screwed up - happens ;^)

- inpoint overlap with the previous outpoint? (the tcop might have recorded  
 over material he already recorded onto tape)

- Keynumber prefixes for in- 
and outpoints are the same? (tcop might have   punched out to late and logged 
the keynumbers from the next cam. roll)

- Duration for addresstrack and 
keynumbers are somewhat matching? I   noticed that because of the 3:2 
pulldown, an exact match does not       always happen. I had to introduce a 
threshold to compensate for that
  (ie. 5 to 10 frames). Works for 16mm and 
35mm in 24fps.
Just like using keylog you select a production and 
than get a list of the
vt-roll files. You have the option to select a single 
vt-roll or all of them                     (saves a lot of time..). It than 
browses through the files and stops when an   error is detected and displays 
it. After you press a key it continues until it finds another error or the 
end is reached. This program is, however, not a comercial product. I haven't 
had the time to prevent all the things a user can do wrong or to write an 
installation routine. But it's not hard to set it up and easy to use. I can 
send you a copy if you're interessted and help you to get it started.

>By the way what facility are you working at?
Hmm, believe it or not - at 

>DK at CFI


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