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Artisan Dreams


In my dreams, I'm working on a real gold with an Artisan, I'm screaming
through footage at record speed, as my hands dance across the trackballs,
images leap to life with ease.  In my darkened room I catch a glipse of my
clients teeth as her brilliant smile reveals her satisfaction. We both
collapse in a glowing rewarded heap under the console.

The reality,
I'ts only a dream.

Ayone have any concrete experiences with Artisan they would like to share.
Is it making your life easier. What are the known bugs? If the day were to
come when an Artisan was under my hands would I be satisfied or let down.
With the little knowledge I have, I find many similarities between Windows
95 and Artisan. All display, and little functionality.

Be gentle,


Bob Festa                                    Festa at earthlink.net
Director of Telecine                         Festa at hollydig.com
Hollywood Digital
6690 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, California 90028

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