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Artisan Dreams


Artisan Dreams, Huh, hum, ...well. 

The Artisan is up and running at our place and appears to have all the
conveniences (and some more inconveniences!) as your everyday Rene.  Of course
we like it, however there is a substantial learning curve with regard to user
customization that is, at first, just plain overwhelming.  You can do anything
with this box with regard to list management and manipulation...totally cool.
Its Tape to Tape list importing and manipulation is vastly improved(& clear!).
It's graphic representation of things like kilovectoring, custom curves,
Pan/Scan/LB size is pretty up front.  Its convenience depends entirely  on the
user and what he wants from the box. i.e. you can have graphic window display
(in any color, size or configuration) for every feature available but you'd go
blind trying to focus your eyes on the busy display.  You really have to weed
out what you like and what you don't like, operationally, before you can get any
work done.  But once you've it customized for you're own personal tastes,  it

Not that it's perfect just yet,  ITS STILL A COMPUTER!! But the folks from DV
have been on the case...so, so far so good.  The more we make sense of it as
colorists the more powerful the Artisan is...so, ask again in a month.
Got a light?

Andy Lichtstein
Complete Post, LA

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