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Gone from Digital Vision

Vaxholm, October 7:th, 1995

Dear friends

After some length of  time of consideration I am no longer under the employment
of Digital Vision.  This was effective as of October 4:th. 

I would like to sincerely thank those of you with whom I have had the pleasure
to be working with, be it as friend, client, partner and even as competitor. It
has been a great time!
Currently I am undecided in what I shall occupy myself with,  ideas are in
abundance though.

Please note my NEW E-mail address, 100745,1141  at compuserve.com. Alternatively I
may be reached by phone and fax at +46-8-54179285. 
Postal address is;
		Mike Reichel
		Ytterbystrand 6
		S-185 95 Vaxholm

 Au revoir!

Mike Reichel