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Re: Artisan Dreams

>So is automated support in colorcorrection of any interest?

Certainly an interesting concept. I suppose that I'd have to see the
results of the circuit to really make an informed decision. However, one
automated circuit that I would live to see is one that can answer the most
common (or nearly so) question a client asks: "What does that look like
without any color correction?"
Being a wise guy one can always cut to black, but that doesn't win many
client brownie points. What would be real helpful (cool, neat-o, slick)
would be to be able to display the negative as if it were to be printed at
a specified lab printer setup. Also to be able to make the image 1 stop
lighter/darker. I wonder what would happen if an Artisan (or any cc) were
left in a room with a Hazeltine for a while?
Julius Friede

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