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Re: Artisan Dreams

On Oct 8, 16:49, Julius Friede wrote:
} Subject: Re: Artisan Dreams

> Being a wise guy one can always cut to black, but that doesn't win many
> client brownie points. 

Certainly, showing the client the TAF lineup settings also doesn't win
any friends, particularly if the DP is in the audience.  I tend to
equivocate: zero out the secondaries, unclip everything, balance
the primaries, and store it somewhere.  The client just wants to see
something reasonable.  They don't really enjoy hearing excuses ;-).

> What would be real helpful (cool, neat-o, slick)
> would be to be able to display the negative as if it were to be printed at
> a specified lab printer setup. 

Absolutely, but of course we must take into account the medium-- the
phosphors, the bandwidth, ...ad infinitum... given so many caveats, I
wonder if it could be done.  Perhaps a BTS machine, with an alternate
light path, with the polarity somehow reversed, rear-projected onto a
large ground glass in the suite.  I'll bet it would look incredible.

> Also to be able to make the image 1 stop
> lighter/darker. 

I'd like this as well.  How does one stop equate to FootLamberts, or
to IRE?


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