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Re: Artisan Dreams

>> Also to be able to make the image 1 stop
>> lighter/darker.
>I'd like this as well.  How does one stop equate to FootLamberts, or
>to IRE?
All sorts of variables are present in the current telecine. One of the
reasons for the feeling in the SMPTE Telecine Practices Working Group that
there is a need for a description of the mathematical transfer function of
a generic telecine. The complexity of real telecines is one of the reasons
that the Study Group formed to describe the generic telecine disbanded last

My base understanding is that the lineup gamma in the Rank (0.4) is roughly
equivilent to printing the negative and then that 1 stop of light is equal
to a 2:1 change in RGB video level. In other words, one stop down from 100%
livel would be 50 IRE.

I have no idea about foot-Lamberts unit relationships to light and the
video signal. Maybe I need another cup of coffee and sit down with my

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--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood

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