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Re: Artisan Dreams

>>Anyone have any concrete experiences with Artisan they would like to share.

Although I am not on an Artisan regularly, I have a fair bit of experience of
the beast, having done much of the early beta testing.

My impressions as a colourist.?
Do not think of it as an upgrade, rather it is a whole new system. Yeah it does
all the things it could before, but now you don't need to know a load of
history and esoteric numbers. It thinks for you.

Is it quicker to use - yes much, especially with regard to configs, mems and
list management

Is it easier to use - yes much, but especially if you are starting with little
prior da Vinci experience. Existing users may be inhibited, or looking for
comlpexities that are no longer needed.

Does it have bugs, sure its almost human

Functionality, well you can bend custom curves in real time, grade Windows in
and out together, or on the fly without using the cursor. etc etc

My opinion get the thumbnail (VSR) option its really cool, and the faster
processing is next to being essential.

Am I biased, well I want one too! But seriously I was most impressed by how I
could make a suggestion one day and see it, AND use it the very next thanks to
a modem, some classy programmers, and most important, a company that is

>> In my darkened room I catch a glipse of my
clients teeth as her brilliant smile reveals her satisfaction. We both
collapse in a glowing rewarded heap under the console.

But I'd rather have clients like this!!

(On the Road)

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