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Re: Artisan Dreams

On Oct 9, 17:28, Kevin Shaw wrote:
} Subject: Re: Artisan Dreams

> Am I biased, well I want one too! But seriously I was most impressed
> by how I could make a suggestion one day and see it, AND use it the
> very next thanks to a modem, some classy programmers, and most
> important, a company that is listening.

Indeed, they are listening here, and you just made several daVincians
quite happy Kevin ;-).  

> >> In my darkened room I catch a glipse of my
> clients teeth as her brilliant smile reveals her satisfaction. We both
> collapse in a glowing rewarded heap under the console.
> But I'd rather have clients like this!!

Kevin, you used to work in Geneva, and now you're in London, and I
gather you've worked in the states at some point?  I was wondering if
you could share your impressions of the differences in clientele, and
what it's like to be a colourist, in Europe.  


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