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Hazeltine dreams

-- [ From: David Keleshian * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

 Part of my training at Foto-kem involved timing print dalies on a
Hazeltine. Now from a Colorist viewpoint we switch you to a small apt.
in Encino CA. where the vidiot Dave us his point of view sitting where
a timer sits......are you there Dave?
 Hello yes timing on a Hazeltine...from a Colorist point of view... is
very nearve racking.
First of all you have to get used to no gamma control. Next what you
see on the screen is not what you get back from the printer. Hazeltines
have user parameters just like ours do but in a different sence. The
parameters are to compensate for your eye..and the printers flaws..so
the print looks good to the client. in other words you may see dog poop
but the result is honey.
 Also because of the basic flaw the rank has ( IE a big green tube )
hard numbers on F-stops is almost impossible. I tried to do this once..
Allen Daviau wanted me to try and give him "comparable" Hazeltine 
numbers off the rank..After a couple of weeks of trial and error I came
to the conclusion that because of the variable "Brightness" of the tube
you have no real foundation to base your conclusion, he had to settle
for comparisons to his known grayscale and scene measurements.
 We also agreed on a 15-20 IRE level per stop depending on if the neg
is over or under exposed or my gamma settings, the age of the tube,
mirror flaws, film stock or telecine bay. Many factors..mabie too many,
and I feel its much easer (and safer) just to give hazeltine numbers.
Mabie one day we can get a Densitometer in the rooms but the lab rats
need something to do.
Dave (don't put that hazeltine in my room) K.  at CFI

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