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Festival Dreams

     One thing I love about this mailing list is hearing about all the new
equipment that's out there.  As a colorist in a minor market, I have at my
disposal a very sweet Mk III and a "classic" Renaissance and very little
else.  I dream about kilovectors, digital deflection, and lately, thanks to
this list, the Artesian.  But to me it is likely they'll remain dreams.
     This is not a complaint.  I make a decent living, have nice clients,
and the respect of the local community.  But I know my facility will never
be able to afford an Ursa.  There just isn't enough business in town to
support it.  As I'm nearing 49 years of age, I have the feeling that the
giddy days of having facilities bid for my services are gone; and with two
kids in High School, it wouldn't be fair to them to seek employment
elsewhere anyway.  So it looks like I'm here for the long run.  Not a
totally uncomfortable thought - the working conditions are very good and I
am able to coax lovely images from the equipment I have.  Still I ache for
the degree of control that is available to colorists at top facilities.
     The reason for posting this is twofold.  The first is that I "trained"
one of our young tape-ops a bit on the DaVinci when he expressed an interest
in learning the craft.  He dropped by today, back in town after having been
hired by The Tape House in NYC.  He's a backup to the late shift now, but if
he sticks with it he'll do fine.  He was mentioning all the equipment Tape
House has, and how much more complex it was than our little facility.  I
have to say I felt a little envy, but it was tempered knowing he was on the
late shift!
     The second reason is that over the weekend, we actually had an upgrade!
This list's very own Ralph Edwards spent the weekend in town installing the
MetaSpeed servo and the Festival kit.  Our CE, who spent most of the weekend
at the facility, commented it was one of the all-time smoothest installs
he'd ever seen, and I am absolutely thrilled with both the MetaSpeed and the
     So as I read the continuing discussion of the latest technology, I
continue to harbor a small hope that some more of it will trickle down my
way.  And I know that I am grateful for all that I do have.  It may not be
at the forefront of the State of the Art, but the true magic happens in the
session when you make your client happy with his film.  Ultimately, it's us,
not the equipment, that create the magic.  
     Thanks for bearing with me here, just had to get that out.  I feel
better now!  This is a great list and I really appreciate all we've covered
- just today a client called who wanted to shoot black & white negative, and
I was really ready to discuss it with him! (He'll be shooting color stock
now!)  So, thanks to all of you, and dagnab it, keep up the great work!

Robert Lovejoy

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