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Wet Dreams

Robert Lovejoy mentioned:
>     One thing I love about this mailing list is hearing about all the new
>equipment that's out there. 

>     So as I read the continuing discussion of the latest technology, I
>continue to harbor a small hope that some more of it will trickle down my
>way.  And I know that I am grateful for all that I do have.  It may not be
>at the forefront of the State of the Art, but the true magic happens in the
>session when you make your client happy with his film.  Ultimately, it's us,
>not the equipment, that create the magic. 


You know I think Robert has a point here. I seem to remember in the golden
years at Editel L.A., that the equipment we used was less than cutting edge.
I also seem to remember being a little happier in my job. Perhaps we are all
guilty of "GAS"...Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It affects 9 out of 10 major
market colorists at least once in their careers. Perhaps a little more Zen
telecine, and a little less keeping up with the Jones' is a good thing. Sam
Holtz at Action Video taught me to do so much with rubber bands and paper
clips on a the first MkIIIC.
At Editel, Craig Talbert, showed me the keys to the Ultimatte 4, and how to
get it sideways. I kind of miss that stuff. Maybe it was just misery loved
company, but I used to love to build houses of cards with a clients session.

Time to book another vacation ;^)


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