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Re: Artisan Dreams

> Certainly an interesting concept. I suppose that I'd have to see the
> results of the circuit to really make an informed decision. However, one

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I am not sure exactly how image analysis support in color correction is
supposed to be implemented. On the secondary color corrector we use a
readback function where we can read the colorvalue of a pixel in the
video image to setup the analyser to operate on that given color, which
is a very helpfull tool when it comes to setup the secondary color
corrector, the CVP. What I was thinking about was if some sort of
parameter settings based on image information was of interest in the
Primary Color corrector. It is possible for example to have a color
fetched from the videoimage and later point on a part of the image and
let the computer calculate for example the Gamma settings so that the
selected pixel turns into the color wanted, if of course the grading
needed fits inside tha range of the gamma correction stage. Otherwise
the Gain or Black control should be adjusted untill it mathces. 

It could for example be used in a sitation where two scenes need to look
the same but has been shot differently. What the operator must do is to
first grade one scene until he or she is satisfied and then pick the
resulting color from for example the sky and point to the same area in
the other scene and let the system calculate the settings on the
appropriate control (Black, Gamma or Gain) so that they match.

Mattias Ernelli
Software Developer
Digital Vision, DV Sweden

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