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Re: Artisan Dreams

>Certainly, showing the client the TAF lineup settings also doesn't win
>any friends, particularly if the DP is in the audience.  I tend to
>equivocate: zero out the secondaries, unclip everything, balance
>the primaries, and store it somewhere.

>we must take into account the medium-- the
>phosphors, the bandwidth, ...ad infinitum... given so many caveats, I
>wonder if it could be done.

I've been thinking about this:
Let's start with an URSA: a given beam current + open gate + auto align =
one volt video = fixed light source = one expensive densitometer.
Assume a piece of film with a LAD (Laboratory Aim Density) of 1.0, account
for masking, and you should be able to plot what the ideal curve for any
film stock would look like (indeed all film manufacturers publish this
info, and these graphs could easily be stored and recalled from a built in
table in the color correcter).
Place some film in the gate, account for masking, and you should be able to
overlap the resultant display over the ideal. A cursor could function as a
"spot" meter, a window as an "averaging" meter. This info might prove
useful to a D.P. Or not. What does any one else think?

Julius Friede

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