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Pogle manuals??

I'm working with a pogle version 2 for several weeks now and was under the 
impression that the manual pogle shipped with this one (we got 7 pogles 
running by now) would help me to understand more of the features this device 
offers - but the gaps in there are probably the size of the features that are 
explained. At this point I still only know as much as the other operators 
where able to show me, which is, I'm sure, not all there is..

Frankly I'm 
surprised (?) that a system that runs for - what $50.000? - doesn't have a 
more complete manual to offer. Things like meta-speed on several other 
functions aren't mentioned at all (what's that TSO gadget doing???)

anyone aware of a more complete version of this manual than the 80 pages 
version we have here over at Foto-Kem? Or does pogle have a page on the 

I would be grateful for any help in this respect - Kay.

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