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Re: Pogle manuals??

>Is anyone aware of a more complete version of this manual than the 80 pages 
>version we have here over at Foto-Kem? Or does pogle have a page on the 
> - Kay.
I've only seen the 80 page version with the "spiffy" plastic page protectors and
incomplete descriptions.  I've also noticed that among the early Pogles I've
had to
troubleshoot, there are no two exactly alike!  What a perfect mate for a Rank!
When I've called the factory, I've had good luck.  The last number I had for
them was: 011 44 708 182.  Actually, I have a kind of love/hate relationship
with Pogle. Some things I like, but it tends to remind me of the
illegitimate offspring resulting from unnatural acts performed by a Dubner
and an Amigo.  The perfect color corrector will probably not exist until
some sort of brainstem interface is invented. But then, just imagine the
headaches! Ouch! ;-)

Craig Nichols
Chief Telecine Engineer

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