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Re: Telecine audio consoles?

>To: dlt at earthlink.net (David L. Tosh)
>From: craign at earthlink.net (Craig Nichols)
>Subject: Re: Telecine audio consoles?
>>>How about Telecine audio consoles?  What's hot, what's not?
>>Audio? AUDIO??
>>Wot's dat?
>>--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)
>>--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood
>I believe it's the "squiggly stuff" that goes along with the video. ;-)
>Perhaps its leakage from that hot new CD you're playing to entertain your
clients?  Short of mega bucks, digital boards with lots of D/As and A/Ds,
there must be a decent quality analog 4 buss out (or more) board out there
for under $15K that is fairly simple to operate, and well suited to
telecine? I've looked at the Mackie 1608, and I'd love it for a home studio
(especially at $3K), but it seems that it more features than needed to keep
the job simple in Telecine. 
Craig Nichols
Chief Telecine Engineer

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