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Re: Telecine audio consoles

 Reply to:     RE>>Telecine audio consoles?
You might want to look at the SOUNDCRAFT line. You can get a pretty 
cost-effective 8X4X2 console for about $5K, options for automation, 
too.  Won't set the sound world on fire, but may do the trick. It 
has LED VU meters, so you'll want to add an external set of analogues. 
Also is a +4db console, so if you have a +8db plant, you'll want to 
follow it with DAs for level make-up. Pretty good monitor switching 
arrangement and all set up for a 2-track breakout, which you could use 
for a 2-track or a 3/4" VCR, etc., etc.

If you're doing DAT digital work, you're probably not going to go 
thru a room mixer anyway, and if the DAT is for reference only, then 
the analogue nature of the board won't be a problem.

Date: 10-11-95  2:12
>>>How about Telecine audio consoles?  What's hot, what's not?

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