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Re: Artisan Dreams

-- [ From: Bob Kertesz * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>I have'nt seen you around lately, I guess that means that you are off of
the Hollywood Digital payroll. 

Yeah, that's been true for a while.  We gently parted ways when the new team
came in and informed me that they were really interested in making matte
special effects a (lower paid) staff position.  That was about 18 months ago
.  Have they hired anyone yet?

>I kind of like this new Abekas 8100 switcher and the associated keyer. Do
you like it, or are you a >headstrong Ultimatte 8 type.

I saw that unit in a VERY early beta version at NAB, and large portions of
the keyer were not functional then, so truthfully I can't say.  

I will say, though, that I haven't seen anything yet that can do shadows and
subtle translucent detail the way the U-8 (and in fact the older 4 and 6)
handle them.  And the auto setup on the 8 does a nice job of getting you 85%
there.  They did a nice job on the 8, despite my not being able to find
anyone who uses the boxes for a living with whom they had any discussions
about it at all. 

Of course, if people insist on taking the stuff to Flame or Henry or
whatever, it's an academic point.  From what I've seen, the strong point of
those other methods is NOT the keying circuitry but the fact that the
mediocre keys they produce can be cleaned up using the rest of the available
tools.  Many facilities prefer to go that way because the cleanup generates
extra revenue if you didn't bid the job as a flat.  

To put it real bluntly, if the stuff was shot reasonably well, an Ultimatte
in telecine will generate the highest quality mattes (because the resolution
, edges, and color control don't EVER get any better down the road) and the
least revenue for the facility, assuming that there's a strong graphics
department which could take several billable hours to do it instead.  

If the production company did not do a decent job lighting it, having the
graphics department save it is usually the only way out.  I won't even
mention the number of calls I get from people trying to cut mattes on toy
MACs.  Kinda sucks, don't it?

>By the way I like your site.domain name. Nice craftsmanship.

Thank you for noticing.  New ad in Cinefex magazine coming up promoting my
film based Matte Assist(R) services, and the new site access.  Toying with
the idea of putting up a real home page to give people who are interested
more details.

>Do you know Talberts Email address?? Is it talbert at halcyon.com???

It is ctalbert at halcyon.com as far as I know.

I'm only moments away from HD.  Give me a call when you want to get out and
you can buy me lunch ;-).  

--Bob            bob at bluescreen.com

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