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Re: Telecine audio consoles?

It's too new to be hot, but Graham-Patten just introduced a new low cost
mixer.  Most of the telecine suites in the Midwest don't even use audio
mixers for anything but CD's and FM radio so I'd like to know more of what
your needs are.

This D/ESAM 200 comes standard with 8 AES inputs, 3 band EQ and delay for
under 12K.  One can add additional analog or AES inputs for a total of
sixteen.  If you are familiar with their other mixers, it follows most of the
same operating principles and maintains the high quality feel despite the
relatively low price.

First deliveries scheduled to begin later this month.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Steve Robinson
Serial Scene
Serscene at aol.com

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