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Re: Wandering Colourists

On Oct 11, 17:56, Kevin Shaw wrote:
} Subject: Wandering Colourists

> In fact I have held full time positions in London, Milan, and Zurich
> and have worked freelance in a variety of places from Los Angeles to
> Hong Kong. I am now freelance only, working a few days still in
> London, but most of the time in Europe.

oops, not Geneva then, Zurich.  You certainly win the gadabout-
itinerant award.  

> I would say that the London market is very aware of what can be done
> by colourists, and clients are quite specific about how grading should
> be done. " can you cursor the grass",

This specific approach can deflate a session for me, if the client and
I don't already have a rapport.  It's like taking the console away --
a lot of my approach to color is by feel, by looking at the monitor
(not the scopes) so when someone says, for example, 'where are your
midranges' ...it takes me out of the film and into the scopes.  I've
learned, however, in situations like these, not to fight the client or
let him/her know I'm uncomfortable, but just to give them a response
of some kind (a number, like "47.3 units" sometimes works).

>  "I'd like it warm and blue". Anybody else got some favourite
> requests?

The key for me here is how you respond to these requests.  I used to
turn around and refute them; now, perhaps because I'm not into losing
clients any more, I play along, and just ascribe their fuddled request
to obscure semantics.

Thanks, Kevin, for your observations.


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