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Re: Artisan Dreams

>>I certainly didn't mean to offend your/our sensibilities. The truth is we
have to wear both hats at times

No offence intended, or taken, and I agree your point is very valid. How else
can DPs develop their craft.

A video monitor is, as has been discussed previously, not ideal for judging
film exposures.

My approach is usually to store a session base memory, and sill store image
early in the session, preferably from a greyscale or color chart, but a slate
in the right light is often enough, and then when asked, I'll say" here is the
scene with the same grading as our base scene". The DP is then free to draw his
own conclusions.

Incidentally the Artisan VSR (thumbnail) option when interfaced to a disk
recorder, would do this automatically.

>Hopefully not just another faceless technician,

I guess most of our clients only see us from the back anyway!

(a balding colourist)

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