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wepage additions

The Kodak Motion Picture Film Stock Data Sheets (KMPFSDS for short)
are linked to the telecine homepage now, the first item in the
"Research and Reference" section.  It's really nice to have these on
line... I'm told they have been in their current location on the Kodak
page(s) for a while, but are under the "Business" heading of the Kodak
homepage, not under "Production" or "Technically Speaking", where I
had been looking for them.  But now that I know the URL, the link on
our telecine page goes right to them.  Looked like there was more
interesting stuff from Kodak under "Business"-- I think Cineon is

I've also put a very simple counter on the telecine page that
increments with each access, down at the bottom.

I'm working on a forms-based search interface to the mailing list
archives, and a couple of other enhancements to the webpage.


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