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TLC Mode 8 with DAT

To All:  Julius Friede asked me about the posibility of the TLC 
controlling the DAT machine with the TLC timecode reader mode 8 which 
utilizes tape timer for preroll when timecode doesn't exist.  So far, 
no machine other than the Nagra suports the ability to jam the tape 
timer with timecode for the purposes of synchronization.  When the DAT 
is in tape timer mode it only seems to update in whole seconds and not 
frames.  If there is a way of synchronizing the DAT when there is not 
enough preroll timecode, I would be interested in supporting it.  If 
anyone in the group has any ideas, please contact me.
Gary Adams, TLC Product Manager, da Vinci Systems.  818-902-0488 or via 
the internet.  Thanks Julius.

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