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Re: Wandering Colourists

Kevin Shaw wrote:

> There are 2 worrying trends here. One is that newbies start asking for 
>"more of a golden look, but do not let it get warm" and (my favourite) 
>"I'd like it warm and blue". Anybody else got some favourite requests? 

 I had one the other week which made me smile,the job was a promo for 
a hot teen band,the shot was a night ext lit with cartoon style blue 
and orange,the request was " can you make it look wet? "
> Thats not to say that the London crowd do not appreciate the colourists 
>skills,it is more to do with the Time factor.Often Colourists are slaves 
>of deadlines.In London jobs are often back to back (and underbooked) 
>and there is little time to try too much. 

 I haven't worked in commercials for a couple of years, but when I 
was, it seemed there was nearly always someone that would turn up 
10-15 minutes into a 1 hour booking, and need to see (and normally 
change) everything that had been done up to then.
This would in effect when the cleaning and xfer time was added, reduce 
the grading time down to about 30 mins,which as you say gives very little 
time to experiment.

Brian (firmly rooted in London with no plans to wander) 

Internet  : Brian at deepstar.demon.co.uk
Compuserve: 100120,1125

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