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Has anyone worked with this guy?

-- [ From: David Keleshian * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

 I am presently working on a series on 16 which we aquired from a
facility because they were not happy with the look. I have been on the
show for about 7 weeks now.
 Last week a guy showed up to supervise the "look" of the show. He
handed me a 35 neg of 5298 with "new" type of chart, exposed perfectly,
he asked me to set up to this which I did, stored it in my "a" mem and
and went to size for 16. 
 Now I know the DP on the show has a bad habit of overexposing..by more
than 2 stops and I told this guy the situation, but he insisted all
would be allright, and all I had to do was to compensate gain level and
never touch color, lift or gamma.
 By now this guy was starting to annoy me (and his bad habit of playing
with my DV while I was not in the room did not help). I put up the
camera neg ( 7298 ) and lo and behold it looked like crap. He said "
now pull down the gain " and lo and behold it looked like darker crap.
 Now it seem to me that the way his thinking goes he is attempting to
turn a telecine into a Hazeltine and I told him I think it will never
work. He insisted it has worked every time
and has used 17 different facility and everyone is happy with his
system, I dont believe him. 
 Has anyone in earshot worked with this guy before his name is Yuri, he
has a eastern european accent and a bad stutter?
 Also why is he trying to take color control away from us. All I see
coming from that is a bunch of fired DP's, not to mention the ones who
cant even expose there bare bottom to the wind let alone motion picture
 DK at CFI

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